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Sharron Senter works with small business owners who are committed to investing in their businesses, as well as with marketing and business development executives who need support from a marketing professional that is accountable,
self-directed and sales-focused - like Sharron.

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Senter loves marketing. She's been helping small business owners increase revenue for the past 17 years. She started her career as a business journalist making a mere $13,500 a year. She loved the job despite its lack of financial reward.

She particularly enjoyed spending time interviewing small business owners to greatly understand their products and services unique benefits.

Senter brings this deep exploration and inquisitiveness to each of her clients. She believes that  --  at the end of the day, successful small businesses answer their prospects most pressing question, "What's in it for me?" Senter insists that to answer this question effectively, requires a thorough understanding of a business' benefits, as well as its customers' problems, needs and desires. Therefore, she begins all client projects with a comprehensive understanding of their customers.


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BEWARE ... What Most Marketing Consultants
Don't Want You to Know!

Most marketing consultants have never concerned themselves with cash flow. They're great at spending your money and creating expensive, flashy things whereby your message gets lost amongst the flash, but have never put their own money down to create a return.

Senter has built two businesses. Her marketing consulting business, Senter & Associates, and an on-site computer networking and security company, Visiting Geeks. She recently sold the latter after eight years of ownership. At the time of sale, Visiting Geeks was the second largest business of its kind north of Boston.

Senter took Visiting Geeks from zero customers to 3,700+ in just under four years. And won the Reader's Choice Awards for Best Computer Store 4 Years in a Row.

Senter invested in Visiting Geeks to create a positive return. Her investment included providing startup funds to launch the business, as well as managing the business. The return was twofold -- continuous cash flow during ownership and a final payout upon sale. Senter is highly cash-flow-centric and fully understands the risks and rewards associated with building and operating a profitable small business.

What's more, after managing a service-based business for eight years that included full-time employees, Senter can strongly relate to business owners who have employees/contractors, and the associated challenges, responsibilities and financial obligations that come along with such a business model.

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Boston Marketing Consultant,
SEO Website Content Writer

Senter has wide-ranging expertise guiding small business owners through the maze of marketing, advertising and PR strategies. She is a strategic thinker who helps companies grow their bottom-line and improve profit margins using the latest marketing technologies to cut costs, while generating a steady flow of sales leads.

Senter has more than 17 years hands-on experience defining product marketing mixes, creating and implementing inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, as well as social media content development, public relations, SEO article writing, direct mail and branding.

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Niche Expertise
Senter's proficiency is generating low-cost sales leads using persuasive and keyword-rich words to move prospects along the sales pipeline.


Senter Joins Bill Gates, Oprah and Mary Kay Ash

with her infamous Wall Street Journal hedcut. Similar to a portrait drawing, hedcuts were first invented in 1979 and are now an American icon. Senter's hedcut was featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal in the July 25 story, "Fashion Emergency: How to Fix Downside of Low-Rise Pants." She tells readers her intimate dealings with the challenges of being a low-rise user.

Senter's marketing advice has been featured in the San Diego Daily Transcript Column, "Get Inside Your Client's Head," the Albany Times Union story, "Help Yourself, A Trend Toward Self-service Leaves Consumers on Their Own," and inside Inc. Magazine, "Finding the Right Keyword - Want your company's ad to show up first on Google? Here's how to do it."

She's also been quoted in Entrepreneur Magazine.


Senter founded Senter & Associates in 2000. The boutique marketing communications & PR consulting firm continues under its original endeavor -- helping small businesses grow by executing low-cost and sustainable online and offline marketing, advertising and PR strategies.

Marketing Consultant's Resume
Prior to self-employment, Senter worked in the high tech wireless industry as a senior regional marketing communications manager and marketing director for two startups -- Sprint PCS and Omnipoint Communications (now t-Mobile). She was instrumental in the first wireless PCS launch in North America, spearheading the marketing efforts for the Sprint PCS Denver product launch.

She has hands-on experience building brand identity, developing and implementing advertising and marketing plans, creating partner marketing programs, writing and producing sales collateral, buying electronic and print media, as well as generating qualified leads for five sales channels: b-to-b, retail, indirect, telesales and ecommerce. 

Senter has selected and managed advertising and public relations firms. She has been responsible for increasing revenue by creating and facilitating customer up-sell and retention programs. She's an accomplished negotiator, having led multiple advertising and promotional contract negotiations. She has a track record of developing, leading and motivating successful marketing teams.

An expert at sales program development, Senter is also astute at increasing brand awareness and expanding brand reach using traditional media vehicles: broadcast, print and electronic, as well as using non-traditional guerilla marketing techniques. Throughout her career, she has been hands-on with the development and execution of trade shows, seminars, direct mail campaigns, copywriting, sales promotions and advertising plans. 

Senter also worked on the agency side as a senior account executive for Carlson Communications, a marketing and public relations firm. She developed client marketing and public relations plans, generated press coverage for clients and secured speaking opportunities for client executives. She worked extensively on client print and direct mail campaigns, and coordinated all copywriting and art direction.

Senter honed her versatile writing skills as a business journalist for The Haverhill Gazette

First Gig
Senter's first marketing gig was working for the second largest Midas Muffler Franchisee, Wakefield Management Company, based in Lynnfield, Massachusetts. She was the first-ever marketing manager for the company; hired specifically to increase revenue for 12 New Hampshire repair shops. It was here when she made her first speech in front of more than 75 people at the steps of the New Hampshire State House, followed by her first professional television interview with WMUR Channel 9 News. She was only 23 at the time.

Senter served as an adjunct faculty member at Daniel Webster College in Nashua, New Hampshire, where she taught Strategic Marketing credit courses. She also taught Management and Advertising Principles credit courses at Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Senter has a BA in economics, a minor in speech and an MBA.

Senter has published four eBooks, 14 downloadable special marketing reports and hundreds of marketing articles in an effort to help small business owners grow their businesses.

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Writer Continued
Senter is the creator and editor of Small Business Survival, a series of downloadable special marketing reports that illustrate affordable ways to grow a small business.

Her marketing advice has appeared in hundreds of ezines, newspapers and magazines, including: Digital-women, Business Know-how and Boston Women's Business.

Senter maintains an archive of helpful small business marketing articles on her website. Readers are free to use her articles in their electronic or print newsletters. As a copywriter, Senter's expertise includes writing sales copy that appeals to and attracts small and home-based business audiences, as well as copy that generates online and offline sales leads. Her intimate knowledge of small businesses comes from her 13 years of publishing her free Small Business Survival ezine and fielding almost daily communications from small business entrepreneurs. To say that Senter understands the thought process and purchasing behavior of a small business owner is an understatement.

Professional Marketing Speaker
Senter is a frequent speaker at professional association conferences, as well as corporate sales meetings. She was a featured presenter at the Massachusetts Dietetic Association Annual Conference where she spoke to more than 150 dietitians and nutritionists about how to improve one's public image to increase revenue.

Unstructured, fast-paced, results-oriented environments are the places in which Senter thrives. She enjoys projects where she collaborates with experts from various disciplines. She has superior interpersonal and project management skills.

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